Saturday, June 13, 2009

Koko Vanilla Designs Etsy Store Featured Interview and a Huge June Sale

Hi Everyone,

I haven't really mentioned it here on my blog but I do have an Etsy Store as well. I love to sell my handmade papercrafts on there but as you know I also sell them on my website as well. Etsy is all in US currency which can make it a little confusing for Australian Buyers. My website as you know is in Australian Dollars so hence the price difference. Anyway the reason for mentioning all this is......

Another lovely Australian Etsy Seller who also has a store is Erika who contacted earlier this week upon see my papercraft store, saying that she loves everything in my store and asked if she could feature an interview with me on her blog. Thanks so much Erika! I really enjoyed doing it.

To read the Interview with me on Erika's blog you can go here Incalesco. Erika sells gorgeous jewelery on Etsy you can view her shop here Incalesco on Etsy. Go and take a look my absolute favourite in her store is the Spearmint Swirl Ring just stunning.

I nearly forgot to mention to see my Etsy Store you can go here Koko Vanilla Designs on Etsy. If there is something that you would like to purchase in the store and are confused by the US pricing feel free to send me an email at

One final thing I have moved a lot of stock into the What On Sale Dept. I am having a huge June clearout as I need to make room for all the new stock I have been buying so go take a look and tell all your friends. I am reducing things and adding them in there daily so keep checking back.

Enjoy your weekend!

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