Monday, July 6, 2009

Behind the Scenes at Koko Vanilla

Hi Everyone,
I am back from a little 4 day break at Phillip Island. Althought it was a bit cold, very windy and rainy it was nice to get away and just have a break from the same old routine. I had my trusty laptop so I still kept up with what was happening on site and answering any customer queries but of course orders from the last couple of days of last week have been filled this weekend and are ready to be mailed out today.

Ever wondered what Koko Vanilla Looks like behind the scenes. Well last week before I left I had a hefty load of orders to fill and post before heading off and I thought it would be nice for customers to see the process of how an online scrapboooking website works.

Okay see here are a few pictures of how things are done around here. Enjoy!!

Perfectly Pink Card Kits

Here is the process after I release a new card kit. These are probably the fiddliest of anything I do on site. Once I design a new set of cards I go about typing all the instructions, taking lots of photos to get the best angle and then finally make up all the kits. Its kind of like a production line, I make up a whole lot of kits at a time so that they are ready to be mailed as soon as they are ordered. Sometimes I will sell out right away and need to make up another batch but that's okay as long as I have enough supplies. Then when the supplies are no longer available I don't reorder the kits are then sold out. I like to keep the kits limited and exclusive so they are always fresh and new. The process is long initially and time consuming but when the kits are packed and ready to mail its all worth it.

This is the finished product, for customers. You recieve the kit all packaged up in a clear cello bag with instructions, photos, and supplies.

Customer Orders

As far as orders go I usually pack them in order of when they are recieved and paid for. When I have a few going at once this is what it looks like. My front living area becomes a packing room. I love the production line type of organisation, it makes me feel productive, organised and in control of orders. I usually get a pizza box opened and place a copy of the order on the top flap and then begin filling with ordered products. I check them off as I go and then double check at the end to avoid missing any items out.

Once all supplies are in the whole lot gets wrapped in tissue paper like a gift and if the order is above $50 before postage I put a cute free mini kit on top.

For me its not just about getting orders out to customers but making a difference and offering something special and making it look all pretty as well. Initiative and Creativity is something I incorporate in my business every step of the way.

This is of course the finished product that you recieve. Can't do much about the decorative pizza box but well at least its still bright and colourful. If only I got a dollar for everytime someone makes a comment at the post office when I am mailing pizza boxes. I guess it's wearing a bit thin now, but I just smile and laugh. It's all in a day's work. I really love what I do and being creative is so important for me. I began this business because of loving to create things with my hands and no matter how busy the website becomes I will always be the main designer for everything you see on site.

I hope you now know Koko Vanilla a little better.

Anna xo

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