Monday, February 22, 2010

Hey, I'm Back!!!

I really do miss blog world when I haven't posted for a while. I am finally starting to feel a little more like myself and just taking life a little slower and less serious. Trying to do a lot more letting go rather than stressing out because things aren't how I think they should be. Do you have this lesson to learn? I'm sure we all do on some level. I think we can spend so much time analysing whether we are doing this right or that right or should be doing this or that, and life just passes you by day by day never being present, never really appreciating and allowing yourself to experience life and feel good. I know I am often in the should mode I think I learned that from my upbringing, I should work harder, be better, do more, manage everything. In fact a friend pointed out to me the other day, "Just becuase you can do something doesn't mean you should." This conversation topic was about helping out at school with craft. She made a really valid point as I know I have often felt like I should be running the school craft because I am creative, but the truth is there are probably lots of mums who are just as creative if not more so that never put their hands up to help. Point made, lesson learned!
Another wonderful friend lent me this book below. I highly recommend it. I have read lots and lots of books I love books, this one is simple and consice and I must say I have learnt a lot about the symptoms and signs of stress, tension and anxiety from this book that I haven't learnt from thicker and more intense books. Really worth a read. One point I will mention when I had a so called lightbulb moment (as oprah would call them), Eric mentions " Excessive thinking is the fuel that powers the body's stress response, anything that reduces the fuel supply helps us to the relax." He goes on to say that we should be in the senses more aware of sights, smells, sounds around us. Sensing relaxes you whereas thinking arouses you. Thinking creates adrenaline which tenses your muscles leading to stress. Well that point alone really woke me up. I think that I think all day about the past, future and everything in between. So anyway without going on forever, if you are the same as me this book has some great little and quick meditations to just do throughout your day, without having to really stop for a long period of time to meditate. Link to amazon

Onto other things...
I finally managed to get an update out to all my subscribers today, so if you are not a site member you can join up on the home page to get all the updates. I have run a competition the last two months where all orders go into the draw to win a $25 gift voucher, this was a member only draw, so its worth it to sign up. My newsletters usually consist of site specials, new products and gallery samples.

The gem brads pictured above have been loaded in store today, there are a few colours to choose from you can view the rest here. There are also some pearl brads as well, both in pearl colour and oyster colour. These are great for invitations, cards, adding to the centre of a flower etc.
Well that's it for today, I will be back with more, a couple of kits are on the agenda for later this week. Stay tuned.......

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