Sunday, February 28, 2010

Colour Design & Inspiration

How beautiful is this image of flowers. I would have to say my favourite flowers and my absolute favourite colour combo very fresh, beautiful, uplifting and inspiring.
I came across this image whilst blog hopping (loooove blog hoping and getting sidetracked). The blog where this image is from is the The Creative Mint. Lots of great colour combinations on this blog and lovely photographs taken by the creator of this blog Leslie. Perfect for when your in a bit of design rut or wanting a fresh idea of what colours would look great together. So I am very inspired from this photo above and I am going to spend the next week coming up with some gorgeous creations using these colours. If these colours are a bit too girly for you she has lots of other great colour combo's on her blog.
I wonder who it was that said "Pink and Green should never be seen." They were so totally wrong!!!
Happy Sunday Night to all
Anna xx

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