Saturday, March 6, 2010

Blog Gratitude

It's always nice when someone notices your store enough that they feature it on their blog for Favourite Shops Friday. Thanks Beth from The Ruby Blog for choosing Koko Vanilla as one of your featured stores. Beth also has an Etsy store called Rubys Upcycled Designs.

On another note if you are in Melbourne, how good is this gorgeous rain. My kids have been splashing and playing on the roadside in the puddles all afternoon and just enjoying gettting completely soaked. I think it's been so long since we have had a good downpour complete with hailstones the size of rocks that it's a novelty for them. I personally have loved listening to the sound of the raindrops outside whilst doing jobs around the house. It's melodic sound and the refreshing coolness seems so long overdue.

Enjoy the cleansing!
Anna xx

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