Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Yummyness!!

Oh I so wish I could take credit for dreaming up these divine little Easter Baskets but well I have to be honest I came across them from a link to this blog. They are just so beautiful and the lovely Suzonne has on her blog all the instructions and supplies used to create them. In my ideal world I would love to take a whole afternoon with the kids and create these cuties although I am sure that if I attempt it I would be doing most of the work. Thereby the activity may be more for my benefit than theirs!

Suzonne's blog has lots of other little gem tutorials of gorgeousness and everything crafty and some food recipes also. Her blog has now also joined my endless list of favourites, one could spend a lifetime just keeping up with everyones blogs. I wonder what we ever did before blogland!

In any case take a look at Suzonne's Blog Urban Comfort, I suggest you grab a cuppa you may be there for a while.


Anna xox

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