Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cafe Style Breakfast at Home

Do you have a Sunday breakfast tradition? Well I am definitely a breakfast type girl I love the whole cooked breakfast thing, so usually on Sundays its either bacon and eggs or pancakes. Well this morning the kids request was pancakes and since it's the holidays I went the extra mile complete with capuccinos and frothy hot chocolates for the kids using our capuccino machine. I love going to all the effort and making it special, I did so much cafe work when I was younger that it all has to be made together, with perfect timing and served hot. We all had brekkie outside and of course its all over within 10mins (for the kids, they eat and then they are off eager to start the day) even though it takes ages to prepare but nevertheless its still nice. Of course we had a couple of extra kids from the street pop in and any left over pancakes were soon gone also.
Today has been pretty relaxing we took the kids to Vic Market for a couple of hours this afternoon and it was great just getting out of the house and into the city. I am nursing a cold at the moment and not feeling all that great. I am hoping to feel better tomorrow as I know the kids want to do a few things this week. We have the Zoo on our agenda for one of the days meeting some friends there so that should be nice. Not really the time to be sick, I guess there's never really a right time.
I am off to make some honey and lemon tea I have lost count of how many of those I've had but they seem to help and of course lots of Codral.
Have a nice sunday night.

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