Thursday, March 25, 2010

Holiday Craft for the kids, Card Kits On Sale Now

Wow where has the week gone, actually more to the point where has the term gone??? It just feels like yesterday we were getting the kids back to school and here we are and it's holidays again. Of course with the holidays comes the lovely and fun adventure of entertaining and juggling kids and activities and just doing anything possible to get through the next two weeks.

So for this week only I have reduced the Kids Card Kits to $17.50 from $20.00. They have never been on sale before and more than likely won't be again for a while so it's a great time to stock up for holidays, birthday gifts etc etc. There is an extra little bonus in each kit if you purchase 3 or more, but you will have to take a look on site to see what it is. Click here . By the way this sale ends Monday, after that the kits go back to their normal price, so hurry!!! Image above shows you the type of goodies in each kit. Full description and photos on site.
Must fly, just about to put an order in for a brand new label to be stocked soon on site, very exciting stay tuned.....

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