Saturday, March 13, 2010

Celebrate New Free Mini Kit with every $50 Order, Only at Koko Vanilla Designs

Hi Everyone,

Just popping in to quickly say (while I have a few minutes of uninterrupted time between kids sporting activities) to let you know that the new free mini kit is up on site.

Just in case you weren't sure how to qualify for this little craft kit for free, your order total must be $50 or more before postage. Customers love recieving this little gift it's always full of gorgeous papers, embellishments and other cool stuff. Once all kits have been allocated, there is always a newly designed one ready to be made up. I have fun making these little kits up, plus I love giving freebies and little extras away to my customers just for choosing to shop at Koko Vanilla. To take a closer look you will find it here.
Okay I hope you have a lovely Saturday, I am spending some time with my family this afternoon, helping my mum in her yearly tradition, I will give you a hint and I promise to be back later today with some photos. The hint is Tomatoes (thousands of them). Can you guess. More to the point can you believe they still do this sort of stuff, Mum said to me yesterday, you really should learn how to do this, (yeh in my spare time mum). Surely by now you might know what I'm talking about, if not check back later, okay another hint you use it with Spaghetti and its an Italian tradition, surely you know now.
Okay enough teasing!!
Happy Saturday
Anna xx

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