Sunday, August 8, 2010

My new motto for Sundays.....

Today is the first day I can actually slow down and breathe, wind down and relax only to see how much laundry has once again piled up and how many jobs are outstanding. Nevertheless it's Sunday and I am chilling out, no pressure just whatever gets done gets done. There has to be at least one day to tune out, after all isn't that what Sundays are all about, a day of rest, of spending time with the people you love etc etc. Remember Sundays when you were a kid, those days seem looooong gone. It's a shame our kids don't get to experience that laid back family time we used to have. I sometimes watch my kids especially my eldest she always talks in a hurry, eats in a hurry so she can rush to see her TV Show, walks around in a hurry. Everything is rushed. Time to slow it right down, I am always telling her slow down when you speak. Our bodies weren't meant to be in flight, fight mode all the time. It's overload on our adrenals and toxic for our bodies and minds.
I suggest to you that you choose just one day when you flick the switch and just be. Really notice the blue sky, the green grass, what your kids say, actually look them in the face when they are talking to you, really connect with your partner, not just trivial crap. We can becomes strangers living in the same house with nothing in common except our kids, well we may as well be house mates. Life is supposed to be fun not just about achieving and gaining and stressing about every little thing. That's why our parents had it so together well mine anyway, they worked their butts off but when they stopped they really stopped and had the time of their lives. Work Hard Play Hard! That quote says it all. If you live in this wishy washy numb state all the time just getting by never really feeling bliss or never really feeling so satisfied and exhausted from a long days work, knowing that whatever it is you choose to make your living that you have really contributed and connected to someone else or society and made their lives better for it. If live isn't working for you, either mentally make the change to think differently or do something about take action and implement what is important to you. Don't just go along because you think this is the best its ever going to get, live your best life, which includes taking the time to tune out and hear what your body and intuition is telling you.
Most of my attention this week was consumed with preparing for my stall at the market night at our school. So glad that's over and I have decided markets are fun but hard work for an online business. I won't be doing them again, I don't really need to. There are other more fun ways of networking and growing my business and probably less time consuming ways as well. The consequence of my decision to run the stall is that I now have a bunch of orders piled up from Tuesday this week which have not been sent and I do apologise to all my customers for the delay in getting these orders out, but I intend to work really hard tonight and tomorrow to make sure all your orders are in tomorrow's mail. Another thing I have learned this week is when you say yes to something what is it you are saying no to. We can't do and be everything.

Back to normal programming......
I also haven't had a chance to post yet that I managed to source bakers twine from another supplier now in black and white in the cotton and also Forest Green and White. I know there was heaps of interest in that colour and I am desperately trying to convince my supplier to please, please, please make me some other colours. I will keep working on that but
if you are a local supplier reading my blog and would be happy to make me some cotton bakers twine in some other colours I will be more than happy to stock them in my store. I am thinking ummmmm light pink, dark pink, choc brown, caramel, dark blue all with white. Ohhh the possibilities are endless.

That is my little sunday update. I am off to get dinner ready, that's one thing I can't delegate unfortunately!! Although I am working on trying to convince my hubbie to start learning how to cook, his reply was when you learn how to change the oil in your car I will learn how to make dinner. Needless to say, Iwas on for the challenge, I offered to change the oil in return he could cook dinner, he quickly backtracked and made some excuse... why is it men are never up for a challenge???

Anna xx

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