Saturday, July 31, 2010

Designer bracket covers

Where has the week gone. I had so many things I wanted to post this week, but the week just slipped by.

However I am getting more and more organised though, but it takes a while to change 37 years of doing things in the same way and with the same mindset. Two key tools I am using is firstly this to get my weeks and days organised the SMA from Sunny Mummy, love it. Secondly a few sessions with a Life Coach. Whoa there is nothing like a reality check and of course someone to make you understand why the beliefs you have had for so long just aren't serving you any longer and of course, change can be a long and slow process. So bare with me as I adjust to my new routine of which is not my natural way of doing things. I am more of a spirited, spontaneous, social and impulsive aries, and well although these characteristics are great, when you run your own business and have a family as well, there needs to be a bit of balance, namely organisational skills, routine, structure, predictability, doing one thing at a time rather than multitasking 3 different things at once ( I am an expert at this) and generally not rushing when I do things. I have lived a hurried exsistence for a long time and I think kids do this to you. Especially if you are like me you want to cram in as much as you can in a day, and well I don't it is serving me any longer, nor can my body keep up. So I am implementing some strategies which at the moment feel so abnormal. I am so aware of how easily I get sidetracked from one thing to the next at home, why is it that men don't have this problem!!! Anyway enough ranting. Sunny Mummy has a really great post on her blog about mums and the pressures we put ourselves under titled who are you head on over and have a read when you get a minute.

Now onto scrapbooking......

Our designer Meri has been busy the last few weeks scrapping up a storm using these gorgeous papers from My Minds Eye Meadowlark Papers. The first project was a mini bracket album using Teresa Collins Bracket Covers. Also used was various ribbon and bling from the store.

Meri has done a couple of other things with these papers but I will put them in the next post as I think this post is long enough.
Hope you have a lovely Saturday night.
Anna xx

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Steph Bond @ Bondville said...

Gorgeous! I really love the "you and mic" one the best.


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