Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How are you spending your Holidays?

Know where this is?????

Does it look like some exotic and wonderful seaside holiday destination? Maybe not as far away as you may think.... read on....

I have a house full of kids at the moment, 7 to be exact. My 3, 3 from up the road and my little niece who is sleeping over. They are excitedly wizzing from one activity to the next. They start a movie, then decide to watch funny adds on youtube, then decide to play with the pets in the backyard, then soccer in the backyard, then back inside, now they are back at the movie and I have control of my computer screen once more who knows for how long though. It is so great being a kid. The most important thing in their lives is just having fun and having friends around. Does life get any more complicated than that. If only we kept it that simple, have fun and have friends. But I guess as an adult there is so much more to think about than this or is there????

Speaking of friends....

Yesterday we had such a wonderful day. A few other school mums and I all decided to visit another school mum at her beach house at Sorrento (picture above is of the Sorrento Back Beach). We all drove up in our own cars and spent the day there. It was a beautiful day weather wise, the kids were great, they just all played together so well, we hardly heard a peep from them except when they were hungry. As for us mums got to sit around in front of the fire place and chat and have coffee and lunch and chat some more. Later in the afternoon we all went for a huge walk and climbed a very very steep sand dune with the kids. We then watched them slide down and climb back up and down and up. Such a relaxing and fun day. I took heaps of great photos but cannot post them here because most of them have other children in the photos and I forgot to ask permission to post them here. So here are a few that I can post.

So much fun being a kid. Hope you are having great holidays also.

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