Thursday, July 15, 2010

Weekly Update

The week has once again flown by. I have actually had a fun week with my eldest daughter having an extra week home from school. Let's just say I have spent the last three weeks of holidays, out and about a lot, spent heaps of money (too much money eeek, don't tell my husband), had lots of lunches and coffees with friends, had lots of the kids friends sleepover, and come next week it will be time to find my focus again and develop a steady work routine. Oh well as the saying goes work hard, play hard, okay maybe play hard and now work hard.

Today I have spent a day out and about with a friend and my daughter looking for pirate themed dress ups. What fun!! adult dress ups. My daughter was completely intrigued. We have our school trivia night this Saturday with the theme being pirates of the carribean. I am not usually into the whole dress up thing, can't really be bothered, its just nice to get dressed up and go out for a change let alone having to find a costume.

Anyway enough babbling. I have actually done some work over the last couple of weeks, loading lots of new products on site. You can find them all here. New ribbons, papers, stamps etc etc. Go take a look.

I promise there will be more interesting crafty stuff next post. Promise promise double promise!!!!!


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