Friday, July 2, 2010

Custom Handmade Cards

Hi Everyone,

Well I can officially say I survived the first week of the school holidays. Actually I didn't just survive I enjoyed it as well. Nice to have a little sleep in, and not have to rush. The kids have been fairly good and kept busy. So all in all a good week.

I wanted to post a card I made probably a month ago now. I often get approached at school by the mums who know I make cards to make them a special custom card. They just give me a theme and then I create something according to that theme or idea. The card below was requested to have a fairy theme, fairy dress, ballerina that sort of thing. The accompanying gift was a fairy dress. Below is the finished product. I must say I was happy with the result and the person I made the card for was absolutely thrilled. In fact this even led to another custom card order for a friend of this person who saw this card and wanted a special card for an engagement.
The reason for mentioning this here, if you wish to order a custom card I am more than happy to do a custom order for you. Contact details are on the home page of my website here. Of course I always have a supply of ready made cards in my handmade papercrafts dept. Finally if you love the thought of learning how to make your own cards, then you can find card making kits here to get your started. All in all anything to do with card making can be found on my website. I am also releasing a new beginner card making kit as the previous one has now sold out.
Stay Tuned!!
Anna xx

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