Monday, June 28, 2010

The Best Winter School Holidays Kids Activity

Happy Good Morning Peeps!!

It's a gorgeous crisp sunny morning in Melbourne, the best winter kind I think. There is nothing like going for a walk all rugged up in the morning when its freezing cold with just the hint of sun to warm your soul.

If I could pry these kids out of this warm house, I would, as I am normally heading for gym shortly but with the kids home I will have to find an alternate way of making sure I get my fitness in so I stay sane and patient throughout the holidays.

Speaking of holidays just popping in to remind you of our fabulous card kits a stocked up and ready to be sent directly to you. These are great to keep the kids busy even if you are going away you can transport them with you. It all comes in a clear cello bag you just need to add adhesive and scissors which may be an issue if you are heading off on a plane, but I am sure scissors are readily available for purchase wherever you go. Need a reminder of what they look see picture above. Now if you want a little extra added to your kit, you have to do two things. Head over to my fan page on facebook and add yourself by clicking the like button, you will find the link in the sidebar on your screen to take you straight there. Then read the special offer I have if you mention that you are a facebook fan on my wall. Easy Peasy!!
Catch you later!

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