Friday, June 25, 2010

Focused Friday - New Arrivals

This week has just flown by. I can't believe its Friday already and I didn't really manage to get everything done that I would have liked. Oh well... no time to dwell, I am just getting on with it today and doing everything I can before pick up time.
Since today is the final day of term and an early finish day and its also a Friday. Yes of course you know its a Friday but I have now taken to Sunny Mummy's little jingle for each day of the week. So every Friday is actually Focused Friday. Stacey's advice is to log off on a Friday and get everything you need to get done so that you can spend the weekend relaxed and enjoying your family time and chill out time for yourself. Makes absolute sense I think. For me it may not necessarily mean logging off, but just ploughing through my list with clarity and focus as much as I can and trying to stay on track doing one thing at a time and then finishing it rather than doing several things at once and finishing none.
Therefore this post is super quick and just to show you a couple of new stamps that have arrived that I have just loaded in store. There are also some great new papers and mini albums all found in the New Arrivals.
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Inkadinkado Clear Stamps

Rock Star

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