Friday, June 18, 2010

A message from my son.....

Whoa the week has flown by quickly and am only just getting a chance to post this priceless moment that happended on Monday night. During the day my youngest Michael who is 7 was up the street at his friends house. His friend is in Grade 6.

Upon Michael's return after about an hour or so I asked him what he was playing. Well apparently he wasn't playing he was helping his friend Lochie with his homework. Oh really!! I replied and what homework was that, bearing in mind Michael is in Grade 2 helping a Grade 6. Oh I was giving him ideas on being healthy and how to live well for his homework. Oh okay, we talk a lot about being healthy at home and I go to the gym and we try and eat healthy home cooked food so I thought okay he may have had some suggestions....

a couple of hours later........ I noticed Michael on the computer typing something, as I approached Michael said to me no don't come any closer this is a surprise for you. Okay so I left it at that.

Well inspired by helping his friend he decided to continue the homework task on his own, below is the message he wrote me. To be honest I don't even really know what the homework task his friend had but I assuming it was something along these lines.

I have copied and pasted it here in its entirety, spelling mistakes and all. I have to say upon begining to read it I had tears welling up in my eyes and then when I saw some of the spelling I just thought how cute and had a little giggle. I am completely impressed and flattered and glad that he cares so much about his mummy's health. Moments with your children really are priceless, I am trying to remember that when they test my patience especially at 8am in the morning when they won't get ready for school arrrrgh!!

Anyway read and enjoy!


How to stay healthy and stay alive

Written by Michael aged 7

inspired by his friends gr 6 homework task

1. Eat healthy food and go for runs all the time everyday.
2. Eat all your breakfast and lunch and dinner and make sure it is healthy food.

3. make sure you play everyday and stay fit and healthy all the time.
4. Go to the gym everyday and do lots of exercise on the treadmill.
5. Drink lots and lots of water were ever you go even if you go to the shops.
6. Stop and think and make sure you don’t have any junk food all the time.

7. make sure you run around a lot when ever you are out side a lot.
8. make sure you play a sport other wise you won’t be healthy.
9. You shod run around a lot at school then you will be really fit.
10. Try to lose lots of wait all the time when you go for runs.
11. Eat less and exercise more everyday of your life.
12. If you exercise for a lot you will stay alive and live for a long time.

Haw to go for a run.
Make Shaw when you for a run you don’t heart your self.
When you go for a run make Shaw you bring a drink bottle with you.
Make Shaw you run prople all the time every time.
When you go for a run make Shaw you can run the distance.
Make sure you drink water on the way on your run.
Make sure you have got good runes on your feet.
When you go for a run make sure you go for a proper run.

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