Saturday, June 12, 2010

Warning a babbling post ahead about healing, unrelated to craft!

Today has been a fairly easy and quiet day around here. No sports for any of my kids this morning, so no early morning soccer and netball meant a little sleep in. Although once again I have had sick kids this week, my son and now my daughter both have had some sort of bug. Just as well its a long weekend and with not much planned.

Usually when my kids get sick like this and its been a bit of a run of them being sick for over a month, I start questioning the reason, beyond the physical. If you know me personally, then you know I anaylse everything.... probably too much. So the first obvious thing that comes to mind when my kids are sick is that their little souls need some one on one time with Mum at home. Some down time without all the drama of everyone else being around.

Second thing I think is the house needs a really good clean out. Not just the usual clean as my house generally is pretty clean most of the time but, declutter clean. This comes from all the FENG SHUI research and reading I've done over the years. It's amazing how much crap we accumulate in a short amount of time especially with 5 of us in one house. Okay if you spoke to my hubbie he would say most of it is mine!! LOL I won't argue I just say I have an interesting and creative personality which requires lots beautiful and creative things surrounding it. Anyway the point I was trying to make is that too much clutter in our space firstly leaves no room for the new to enter our lives and secondly does not allow CHI or energy to flow which can create illness. Now I know most people don't even entertain a second thought when they feel sick other than popping some pills to get better and how soon enough will they be back to their normal routine, they don't even look within. The body is a messenger people!! Some might say it's that time of year etc etc but how do you explain why some people get colds and some never do. Actually I have a really fantastic book which I believe is really hard to find as it is several years old. The body is the barometer of the soul by Annette Noontil. My sister in law first put me onto this book it is truly amazing and has almost every illness or symptom you can think of and the metaphysical behind it in other words the thoughts and habitual patterns that lead to the physical manifestation we call dis-ease. Once you have this book you will never see illness and symptoms the same again.

To give you an example I am always getting headaches, have all my life more than I would like and I know headaches are pretty common. So you would look up headaches and the reason behind it. Now there are two categories for headaches front of head and back of head. Mine are mostly at the back of the head. So when I look up this one it says, "Pressurizing yourself through impatience that you have not done enough." As soon as I read that I know that describes ME perfectly. I am forever not satisfied with what I have acheieved and always wanting to move onto the next thing and do more, being so hard on myself. So once you armed with this knowledge, knowledge is power by the way, you can change the patterns. Okay the changing is the hard part, taking panadol is the easy way to just get through it and move on. When a condition becomes chronic enough you will make the change.

Another great book which I also live by is Heal Your Body a - z by Louise Hay. The mental causes for physical illness and the way to correct them. This book is similar to the one above. You have to keep an open mind though. I guess most people turn to this type of information when conventional medicine and doctors don't have answers. As the saying goes "When the Student is ready the teacher appears. "

If you have read to the end of this post maybe it's info you are ready for and needed to hear. By the way the information in this post is just my personal opinion based of years of reading and researching, condensed in a nutshell. Feel free to use it if it resonates with you and obviously to ignore if it doesn't

Enjoy the rest of the long weekend peeps!
Anna xx

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