Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ribbons, Ribbons, Ribbons !!!

I have a confession to make. Actually I have several but not really things I can divulge on this blog.
I have a major obsession with ribbons. I justify this because I do use them all the time in my crafts and wrapping gifts etc!! Surely that's enough of a reason....isn't it.....???? If you're a woman you will understand I'm sure. I mean some people have shoe obsessions and clothes obsessions etc...

Of course you can't have all these ribbons and nowhere to store them, so to try and get some order and organisation to my ribbons I decided it was time for a ribbon rack. When one of the local scrap shops in the area closed down it was the perfect opportunity to purchase one, so along I went and purchased myself the ribbon rack you see pictured. You might also note it is already full and well not all the ribbons I own are on it yet...eeek!!
The scary part is that I have just been chatting with my sister who is returning from China for a little holiday and well guess what she has sourced for me which will be coming in the next couple of weeks, you guessed it more ribbon. Not just ribbon but some other gorgeous crochet flowers as well.
So there you have it not a major confession but nonetheless one just the same. I justify it by selling most of the ribbons pictured in my store. So if you love and use ribbon frequently you can find my little obsessive collection here, where you can also fuel your need for a new design, colour, pattern or texture of gorgeous ribbon to use on your next project.

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