Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I'm working on right now....

Happy Wednesday Gorgeous Blog Readers

I thought I would pop in today to let you know what is on my studio table right at this moment.  I am working on a brand new card kit. (clap, cheer, yay, finally!!! I  hear you say...)

This kit is one that combines my love of uplifting and inspiring others and making beautiful art.  You could almost call it a motivational card kit.  All the card sentiments have an inspiring message.  Which means you guessed it, you don't have to wait for a special event to send or give a card.  Let it be a randomn act of kindess.  Kind of the like the ole days of writing and sending letters to communicate.

This card kit combines creativity with beautiful thoughts to bring sunshine to others.  In fact a couple of the cards are just plain tags almost like uplifting oracle cards that you can pop in a kids lunch box, or on your partners car dash to see when they get in their car to drive off, or give to a randomn stranger like a RAK.

However you can also use them as traditional gift tags if you so wish.

Having said that I am in my element creating and the papers are so gorgeously divine that I absolutely know without a doubt you will love creating this kit.  So I am off to get it finished so it will be up on site very very soon for you all to be inspired and enjoy.

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You will be notified as soon as the kit is for sale and any other wonderfully randomn news that might be of interest.  Come and join our creative family with hundreds of other email subscribers.  We would love to inspire you too.

I would love to finish this post with the Quote on my big chalkboard in my studio this week - "to be inspired is great, to inspire is incredible.".  That my friends is the key to doing what you love, find what you are brilliant at and what makes your heart sing and then go forth and teach and inspire others to love it too. 

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