Sunday, September 4, 2011

Being Inspired - an online magazine

Hey Everyone

Happy Sunday Morning to all and a Happy Fathers Day to the dads out there. 

This morning I awoke bright and early like 6am and the house is so quiet.  Outside there is a spring breeze and you can smell the spring blossoms in the air such a beautiful time of year.  So peaceful and you can tell Summer is not far away.

So whilst the house was quiet and I knew I wouldn't have any interuptions for at least an hour before anyone else wakes up (we are early risers around here) I thought I would take the time to flick through my latest purchase of an online magazine.  I have to say I am thoroughly inspired.

The magazine to which I refer to is Etzcetera Magazine.  The first issue was free and now the second issue is a super low price or you can get a yearly subsciption.  Although its lovely to have an actual paper magazine to touch and hold I am loving that you can link straight to the pages that inspire you.  So an advertisement with something of interest if you hover over the photo it will provide a link direct to that persons site or blog.  Now you can't do that with a paper magazine, so cool.

Kim Archer the amazing and inspiring lady behind this magazine has done such a great job.  I have followed her work for years and she just keeps reinventing herself and coming up with new ideas.  This magazine has some great step by step tutorials and great articles.  It's not just papercrafts, its also general craft and other interests as well.  A perfect balance of everything you would want in a magazine if you are creative.  Why not take a look.

Well my hour of peace has come and gone.  Kids are up (except for the teen in the house)  and hubby is up and I promised I would do a cooked Sunday Breakfast.

Have a happy Sunday everyone

PS I was cleaning my studio yesterday before and after photos coming soon as promised on my facebook page.  I am determined to get my space working efficiently as possible this spring.  I have been getting better at it but I want to perfect it.  Mainly my desk area that seems to fall into ruins as soon as I start a new project.  More with that tomorrow.

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