Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Creating a Mixed Media Canvas

I finally finished my Mixed Media Canvas yay!!.  Mixed Media means using different mediums like paints, glues, fabrics, papers, buttons etc etc etc.  Layering your work with all these different mediums is what makes it a unique piece of art.

Many artist create mixed media canvasses for different reasons and in different ways.  Some only uses paints, chalks, pastels and inks.  I love to combine whatever I have around here and love to mix it up with different mediums.  Here I have used, paints, spray paint, rub ons, doilies, chipboard birdcage, tuile fabric, vintage music paper, rose ribbon trim, sculputured flowers, satin ribbon, cardstock, pearls, grid paper.

Who would have known my kids old unfilled school books would come in handy.  I printed the saying on the grid paper.  These can be found at newsagents or office works or any other place that stocks school supplies.  I have a font that looks like handwriting as I wanted it to look casual and artsy not formal.  I had read these words on some Oracle Healing cards I was reading the other day and decided I wanted to incorporate them with the bird cage, the bird and being free.  The words read "Everything you do in life is by choice, and you are free to choose again."

The message being that even when we think we can't change our circumstances, in our minds we are free to change how we think and percieve things to be.  No one can ever take that from us.  I love that the canvas can have a profound message whilst being a piece of artwork as well.  It combines my two favourite things being creative and delivering a positive message.

I must add that whilst I was finishing this canvas the other night my 13 year old daughter saw it for the first time.  I have to mention she is the one hardest to convince that she is creative she always says she is  no good at art and therefore has conditioned her mind to think that she can't do it and doesn't even try and if she does its always a half hearted attempt.  However when she saw this canvas straight away she said it was amazing and she wanted to make one as well.  It's interesting how different ways of creating art can appeal to different people.  I guess this canvas may appeal to teens as there are no rules and you can make it as grungy as you like and even add graffiti and do anything really.  There are no limits, no boundries just have fun and express yourself.

To finish up, I am thinking I would love to do something similar to this that I can create into a kit with step by step instructions and all the supplies needed to create it.  Some of the supplies found on this canvas are available on site if you would like to have a go at recreate this canvas.  Items on the canvas available on site are Kaisercraft birdcage, Making Memories Rose Ribbon trim, The CabachonsCherry Arte Rub Ons.  The rest are all bits and pieces I have from around here.  The canvas is from our local $2 shop. I have used the wide canvas not the thinner ones

Any questions about how things were done feel free to leave a comment and I am happy to give instructions.

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