Monday, September 14, 2015

The Artist Within Journalling - Layer 4

During this final month of my Creatively Fit Coaching Course we were to work through the book The Artist Within. 

Each of us were to choose 3 or 4 creative exercises in the book.  Whitney also suggested we create a vlog or video for this final part of the course.  I chose to video the whole process of me working one of my creativity exercises.

The 3 exercises I chose were

1. Create a quilt pattern using the principle of repetition.  During the video below I describe more about this process as well and show you how to create the quilt paper pattern pictured underneath the video.


2. The Second project I chose was to sketch a Mandala.  I sketched it first and gave it a turqouise watercolour wash over the top.  This exercise was harnessing rythm.  I had lovely soothing background music on in the background as I sketched this which helped with flow.

3. The third exercise I chose was to create an abstract canvas.  The idea here was to harness balance.  I am really loving painting abstract lately so this was certainly fun.  I love adding layers and layers until it has just the right balance of colours and depth.

 I did many other exercises from the book also, I highly recommend the book as it has quite a bit of valuable information about creativity and how it can be applied to creating a more balanced life and find more joy and happiness and hopefully more answers and awareness from our intuition.  We could all do with more of that.

That was the final blog post on the course.  If you have followed along on this journey I hope you have enjoyed reading about it and I thank you for your time.  I know your time is precious, and I hope that by reading you feel inspired to access your inner artist and perhaps try and exercise or two that I have outlined in one of the posts.

Anna xo


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Whitney Freya said...

Anna, this is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your experience and all your gorgeous COLOR! Whitney Freya


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