Thursday, December 10, 2009

Believe ......

A celebration of stars

dance into the night.

one for each dream

about to take flight.

And by dawns' early hour

they all have a plan

to burst into your life

as fast as they can.

But you've got to believe

that dreams really come true

if you want all the gifts

that are waiting for you!

Life seems like a worldwind of moments some that pass by without a second thought and some that take your breath away. Last night was the later. I can't believe I have a daughter who will be in High School next year. Last night we celebrated Danielle's Yr 6 Graduation night.
For me it was a time to look back and reflect on all the growth and achievements from my little girl now nearly a teenager. For her it was just about having a really great time.
It's so important to cherish beautiful moments like these, no matter how crazy life can be at times, the challenges that seem to pop up here and there to test us. It's times like these where finding joy and happiness in the present is the most important emotion to feel. As for the message I want my daughter to head to high school with, well I think the poem above says it all. An excerpt from a book I am reading "Choose them Wisely" by Mike Dooley. I want my kids to know that hard work alone doesn't achieve everything, you also have to see it, believe it, think it and feel it with every part of you. Action, plus thoughts and feelings and of course believing you can do it complete the whole picture.
To everyone out there about to embark on a new change, remember to put all your heart and soul into it, and most importantly enjoy the journey!!!
Anna xx


Jo Eades said...

OMG Anna, I can't believe how grown up Danielle is. Hope she had a wonderful night and you can get over the shock of having a high school student next year! Her dress is gorgeous.

Meri said...

Danielle, you look beautiful absolutely gorgeous!!! We are so proud of you and all that you do and always do whatever you do from your heart. Anna, well how many tears love, what a beautiful moment. Love to you all and all the best for an exciting year ahead...kisses and hugs from all of us xxx

jenny said...

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