Friday, December 11, 2009

Double Birthday Wishes

Arrian and Michael

I've had the most hectic day today, but I could not let the day pass without wishing these two wonderful people in my life a big happy birthday on their special day.

Firstly to my nephew Arrian Happy 21st. Wow I can't believe my nephew is now 21, wow how they grow. All the best for a beautiful year ahead.

Secondly to my hubbie who is 40 today Happy Birthday! OMG how old is that, no I shouldn't say that, just kidding, it's just I am a few years younger, and so not there yet, I do sympathise though. Well they say life begins at 40, whether it does or not it's a great time to reinvent yourself anyway.
That's all for now sorry about all the personal posts its just the time of year. There is a business still going on in the background here and your orders are getting filled and mailed and I have ordered some great new stock due to come in the next couple of weeks. A new brand of punches arriving straight from Texas soon, more on that when it arrives
Happy Weekend to All
Anna xx


Little Eve said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby and nephew. It's not so bad in your forties . . just like your thirties really, except you start to realise how fast the time goes by! and that's a bit scary!

jenny said...

Hey Hubbie thats true, We can not count the days even how fast are they going and really time is passing like water as we were just in college days remembering like it was yesterday... Thanks for post and Happy B'day to you both.



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