Friday, December 4, 2009

What does Christmas Mean to Me???

At the moment this gorgeous stuff, I know sad!!. Candy striped red and white bakers twine. I have never been so happy to see the delivery man. Oh I know it just twine but its so delicous and so perfect for Christmas and well you guys have been ordering this like it's your morning coffee, wanting it asap well its finally here and there's more where this lot came from due next week. This lot is about to be wrapped, packed and posted all the way around the world from a couple of suburbs away to as far as Seattle, don't you just love the net.
So just to let you all know that it is available for order on site but keep in mind that orders are processed in order of being recieved. If your order doesn't make this batch they will be sent out next week, you can always email me to confirm when your roll will be shipped. All orders that have been placed to date will be sent today. I am doing my best to get everyone's order out asap, keep in mind the delay is all the way down the line, from manufacturer to the posties. I am pre-ordering as much as I can but its hard to know the demand.
Now that said here is a new little goodie about to be loaded on site. You've been asking and well I know its not red and white or brown and white twine but it is poly/cotton blend twine which you have all been wanting. It's gorgeous and just perfect for any sort of tags and wrapping and comes in a huge 1600 metre roll and will be in smaller amounts also. I am working on getting the brown and white twine in, hopefully in the new year.
Beige & White poly/cotton blend twine

Okay so I am off to pack. Happy weekend to all!! We have another lot of get togethers this weekend! I think I'll need a holiday away just from all the socialising.
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