Friday, January 22, 2010

A Challenging Week!!

Wow I am more than happy to say goodbye to this past week. What do you get when you have a really sick husband and kids on holidays (to be specific) kids in the last 2 weeks of their very looooong summer school holidays and a mum who is so over it all. Yes you guessed it, to be nice here a very challenging week!!. I have many words to call it but I will try and see the positive side of it all and not say anything bad on this blog.

So I had so many plans to get some gorgeous valentines samples done and the begining of a new card kit, but there has just been no time, only time for bare essentials like getting orders out and popping new stock on the website. The rest of the time has been taken up playing nurse and entertaining and chauffering kids everywhere as well as dealing with the never ending array of bickering amongst siblings that can often begin at 8am. What can they possibly have to fight about at that time?? So I have to say to be perfectly honest, bring on school. I can't wait, I am absolutely going to be counting down the next 10 sleeps to freedom and routine. I know I am not alone here as I took the kids to the pools today and happen to see several school mums and in our little chats it was interesting to know that we are all feeling the same way. That's the importance of communicating with other mums so you don't get the mother guilts thinking that you are the worst mum because you have had enough of your kids, we don't have to try and be perfect and say the school holidays are wonderful, when in fact towards the end of it we are all over it and just want the kids back at school. It is okay to be human and honest and not feel like you have let the team down. So if you are feeling the same way, just take a big deeeeeep breath and know that its okay to feel this way and that this too shall pass and soon enough they will all be back at school.

So now that I have had my little vent and to explain my lack of posts, I am hoping for a brighter week ahead. Husband is finally recovering and hopefully the kids will be happy to just be in their final week of school holidays and not need to be taken out every day.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Little Eve said...

Hi Anna, I'm ready too! It's a natural progression to wish for the next phase. I look forward to taking a breath and listening to the silence. We've had some lovely times too, as I'm sure you have. But yes, it's time. Cathy x


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