Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snippets of my week

How I love the beach. If I could have my ideal world I would have the beach at the end of my street but still live here. I know its a big ask. I just love the best of both worlds. I couldn't live that far out from the city on a permaneant basis but I just love the bay.

We spent our week up in Rosebud, and we were on the beach each day whether it was for a jog, walk or swim or just sitting and enjoying being there.

From our funny glasses that were won at Top Fun (amuzement place), it never ceases to amaze me how for the privlege of spending approx $60 divided by 3 kids on a whole lot of little one minute games only to accumulate lots of tokens to then choose prizes which totaled all of $10 worth that we could have purchased at the $2 shop for $10 in the first place without spending the other $50 to play the games to get the tokens. In fact we could have gone out to dinner with the other $50. But its like gambling really for kiddies. Ohhhh please please please can we just have a few more goes, this time I know I am going to win the jackpot! Ah I don't think so lets go.... But the glasses make Michael look like louey the fly, don't you think... priceless....

to this special little visitor who graced us with his presence at the Rye Pier. Wandered in and then had a nice long afternoon nap up on the rocks.

How Cute!!!

to a couple of hours out on the boat. Not really my cup of tea I only lasted about 40min, then hubbie took me and my younger two back and just him and Danielle stayed out for a couple of hours. Lets just say I prefer land.

in case you were wondering its not our boat, we just hired the boat for a couple of hours.

Of course some sandcastle building, of which I forgot to take photos of the finished products. Even I got on my hands and knees and helped to dig a huge hole with Michael and Danielle. Not very lady like I guess and I was the only mum playing with my kids and digging. But hey how can you go to the beach and not play with the sand. Oh and that's right I am not in any photos becuase I am always usually the one behind the camera.

Who can forget to mention this gorgeous stuff the sea, I have my own little human fish in the family, it didn't matter how cold or how windy, Miss Mel is always up for a swim, a girl after my own heart, as they say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

So that's a tiny recap of our little break. Back home now and still a few more weeks to go until school starts.

But on a business note I am back and raring to go this year. Lots of great ideas swirling and new products are on their way. More about that in my next post.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


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