Monday, January 4, 2010

My Word

Still Pondering my word.

I am really stuck this year. Some I am thinking about are simplify, clarity, peace, trust.

Spending time at the beach watching the waves roll in and out, taking long walks around the bay and thinking and just allowing the thoughts to come and go. Feeling the soft sand in my toes, listening to birds tweeting and kids laughing, giggling and happily playing. Spending time with family and finally taking a step back from all the pressures of daily life. Letting go of that responsibility I carry all year long, or well trying to anyway. Bliss, is that what they call it! Maybe that should be my word.

I hope you are all experiencing this on some level.


1 comment:

jenny said...

Ya really still I am pondering for your words said which were not of the use in proper speech... I was thinking this advice in none of the use itself.


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