Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!!!

"If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes." -Andrew Carnegie
Happy New Year to you all!!
We finished the year on a high with a party at our house of 19 people, of which there were 12 kids the rest were adults. What started out as "come over for some drinks and nibbles and we'll just see in the new year together," ended up being a full on party with music and kids running around and lots of noise. It was fun and and the kids just loved it. I hope your NYE was lovely also whether you went out or stayed in. I personally don't mind doing either whether its home just the 5 of us or getting together with family and friends it's all fine either way with me. I guess the kids just love the whole celebration thing.
Now onto the One little word. If you refer to my previous post about choosing a word, I still haven't chosen it but I have been thinking. I actually got to have 1 whole day and 2 half days on my own without hubby and kids last week as my husband took the kids camping it was a dad and kids thing with lots of other dads and kids. They had so much fun and well I got to spend time on my own, which I do during the day anyway but when its a whole day and you eat on your own and sleep on your own its a little different. I actually have to say I enjoyed the peace and quiet and just kept busy, cleaning, shopping, updating the website, organising and just relaxing. So really I should have chosen a word but the thing is, I know what I want to achieve this year but its finding the word to encompass it all. Maybe its time to get the Thesauras out!! I know that's a bit extreme. Maybe I will head over to Ally's blog because I know lots of blog readers over the last 3 years that she has done one little word, post their words in the comments so I might get some inspiration that way.
I hope you have a brilliant first day of the year. Remember to leave all that has happened behind you and focus on the now, bring your energy into the present. Its a new year and time for a fresh start, create new beliefs and patterns, especially if the ones you had before did not serve you. Do whatever it takes, to live your best life. There is no reason why you cannot have joy, happiness and fulfillment in this moment, its only a thought away.
Make 2010 your best year yet, affirm it and live it!!
Anna xx


Meri said...

Welcome 2010 and bring on a year of focus, action and complettion. I have stated 3 words but my main word for the year is FOCUS. I think i had more focus in my twenties and somehow got lost with having children, so i am ready for this word to re-enter my life with love and good intentions. Thanks Anna for a great post and giving me a head start to the new year!!!Have an awesome year and believe in all that you do!!Love Merixxx

AnastasiaC said...

Happy New year Anna!!

Anna said...

Hi Girls thanks for your comments. Great word Meri, I am still pondering mine. Really procrastinating on this one I am sure thought it will come to me soon. anna

jenny said...

Hey Anna, Wishing you Happy New Year and have good new words for new year. It will bring you the glory and happiness in blogs those you are posting. I like Meri's post too as she have explained her feeling very well. Thanks...


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