Tuesday, December 7, 2010

All I want for Christmas???????? from an 8yr old

Okay I am hot, tired and sooooo over this humid weather, and looking for a distraction to overcome this "completely over Christmas already" mood that I am in.  Am I alone in this or does everyone else feel like this two weeks before Christmas.  Anyway I am getting sidetracked.....

So I thought it would be funny to share something completely hillarious at least to me anyway.  My son at the tender and perhaps innocent age of 8 has been gradually typing up his Santa Christmas List.  We are trying to keep the santa thing going around here for his sake, although I think he has clued in to whether it might not be real, by the questions he is asking, but is going along with it since it means he gets an extra Santa gift every year. 

The other day he asked me to help him with the formatting of his Christmas list which was also the first time I had seen it.  As I scrolled down the list I nearly fell off my chair completely speechless.

Only a child with an unlimited capacity to dream, imagine and summon the law of attraction by default could come up with a list like this.  It all looked fairly normal until I got to the $1000 gift voucher.  When did we bypass $20 and $50 or even $100, and jump to $1000.  SAY  WHAAAT!!!!!!!  A papal card (meant to read paypal).  Firstly paypal cards don't exsist but I think the idea behind it was a credit card.  LOL!

Now don't get me wrong I am all for putting it out to the universe, but this is extreme.  I don't look at this list and see greed.  I do look at this list however as see a couple of deeper aspects.  Firstly on a lighter note it is a welcome relief to the seriousness of purchasing the perfect gift for each person (what are we thinking when we put that pressure on ourselves).  My son would be just as happy as recieving a physical gift as to recieving cash to purchase his own gift.

Secondly and a little more deeply now I do look at this list and think we were all like this once, maybe to differing degrees.  I know when my mum was growing up it would just have been nice to have A pair of shoes to walk through the snow with.  One thing however has not changed and that is the power to summon that which you believe can trully be yours.  Ask, believe, recieve.  As a child that is inbuilt in us, as we become adults all the negatvity that surrounds us then makes us believe less.  Oh we certainly still ask but as to the believeing and ultimately receiving part, well bring on years of therapy to overcome all the subconsicous limiting beliefs inbred in us about whether we are worthy or not.  When my son wrote this list he didn't even contemplate whether he was worthy or not to have these items.  That is the magic of this list not what is on it, or ultimately what he will or will not recieve on Christmas day, but the fact that he believes that he is worthy to have anything or everything on this list.  Self Esteem and Self Love is the greatest gift of all.  Everyone deserves this, especially children.  Now that I have totally analysed something as simple as a christmas list, feel free to read on and have a chuckle at how the mind of an 8yr old ticks.

Michael’s Christmas List for Santa

1. Basketball Wii games x box games

2. WII Games fifa 11 burn out

3. I phone

4. Lego

5. Rip Stick

6. Motor Bike

7. Jet Ski

8. real remote control boat

9. I pod touch

10. x box 360

11. pool

12. $1000 dollar gift voucher

13. a papal card

14. mighty beans

15. mighty bean track

16. water gun

17. dart gun

18. COD black ops

(By the way I have not edited this list in any way just copy and pasted it here)
So what are you waiting for, go and make your Christmas List today whether you are 8 or 108 its never too late to have what you wish for, you just have to believe that you are worthy to recieve it ...... and you are worthy to recieve it in case you were wondering.

 Anna xx

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