Thursday, December 16, 2010

The picture says it all.......

Does this look familiar?????

This image would either represent right now you looking at your own reflection or looking at the face of a loved one.  Either your wife, mother, partner, girlfriend, daughter, etc etc.  You know what I mean don't you??? don't you????

It's called overload and exhaustion with a dash of I still have a hundred things to do in the next week. helppppp!!!

Well I am here to reassure you that this image is me and probably 1 million other women right now so you are not alone and notice how I haven't included men here.  Because the majority of men look really calm right now saying you know what honey " I love this time of year."  I wonder why???? because we do it all.  We are the frazzled, short tempered, over commited, completely stressed out women trying to balance 100 things at one time so that everything will be perfect on Christmas Day. 

To be honest I dont really have time to write this post, and I would really love to write a crafty post and show you all that I have been working on.  But my husbands comment this morning as he was just about to walk out the door after taking his lunch that I made and his coffee that I made was oh do you think you could go and pick up Danielle's text books today for next year??????

Okay so I am just going to stay calm and pretend that never happened and breathe.  A week before Christmas do you think I give a S____ about text books right now.  We have 6 weeks to get text books, and now you ask me a week before Christmas.  A totally clueless husband as to how much I have to do and have done so far.

So if you are a female and this is you speak up and don't take anymore on right now, no is the answer you cannot fit another thing in unless of course if it is a massage or facial or something decadent for yourself only which by the way you deserve!!

If you are a male my advice is for your own wellbeing of course beware, be aware, just keep your mouth shut unless you are prepared to contribute in some helpful way.  Harsh I know but look at what we have to go though getting it all together!!

Anna xx

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