Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nothing says Christmas MORE than the sparkle and shine of "GLITTER"

I am so loving using glitter on my projects lately.  I am sure it is the buzz of Christmas.  That crazy busy feeling when your heads in a fog running from one place to the next, just barely keeping your head above water.  This is where creative therapy comes in and saves the day.  All you need is some glue and glitter, some christmas carols playing in the background, a beverage of choice and you are off.  You can find a selection of gorgeous glitter in store here in an array of colours for all your projects.  I made a huge batch of these gift tags last night.

Of course if you have run out of time you can purchase the tags pictured above in store here.  There are a few different tags to choose from in our handmade papercrafts dept.  Any of these tags will make your gifts have that special something.  Find some simple co-ordinating wrapping paper so that the tags will be highlighted not disguised by a paper pattern that is too busy.

You still have plenty of time to order and recieve your supplies oin time for Christmas, orders are posted either same day or next day at the latest, we are super organised around here I have my eldest daughter who has finished school and is eager to help.  A little holiday pay even for a 12 year old is a great motivator.

Anna xx

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