Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Busy Weekend

We had quite a busy weekend here mainly because my mother celebrated her 80th Birthday.  Her birthday is actually on the 21st December, however we had a huge Italian Style Party of 80 people to celebrate.  It was a really lovely day and she thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was a little weird for all of us to prepare everything and organise it knowing our Dad wouldn't be there and I know this was a huge step for Mum, however we all came together and pulled it off and mum made a great effort to enjoy herself and be in the moment and celebrate like Dad would have wanted her to.

Here are a few of the snaps.

Just for sentimental value for myself here is a photo of mum and dad a long time ago
I wasn't even born yet, how gorgeous, look at those sideburns oh my!!
I really miss my Dad, I am a lot like him,
he would have been a great mentor for me in my life right now.

My Mum cutting her birthday cake

Here is a family shot of all of us

A photo of my mum with her brothers and sisters,
she was one of 11, 7 brothers, 4 sisters, one of the sisters
lives in Italy so is not in this photo, the others have passed.

My funky brother who is also a DJ (the best there is) mind you
and in front his little son Cam who clearly is following in Dad's footsteps.

And finally I couldn't go past putting a family shot of the 5 of us

So that's about it for the moment, I will be back with more soon as I have some new albums on site and I want to share what my new goal for 2011 is, (well 1 of my new goals).  It involves a photo journal and getting the kids in on the act.

Hope you are enjoying the holidays its nice not to have to get the kids out the door early.  We had a big baking day yesterday for the kids at my sister-in-laws house 5 hour baking fest which the kids loved and today I think the shops are on the agenda, as my sister who is down from China for the week is taking my kids out shopping for a couple of hours and I might join them a bit later, although the thought of attempting Shoppingtown 5 days before Christmas doesn't exactly thrill me to be honest.

More Soon
Anna xx

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