Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Friday Everyone!!

It's Friday again, the week just flies by.

I have a huge to do list today may I indulge and share:

1. Finish and photograph the latest card kit
2. Type up a newsletter and send it out
3. Load a whole lot of new supplies in store including some Easter Supplies which also need to be photographed (not great with a cloudy and overcast day)
4. Pack some orders and get them sent.
5. Do a proper blog update complete with samples.
6. Shops to purchase a couple of birthday pressies for parties on the weekend.
7.  Do a really quick house clean before the weekend you know bathrooms, general tidy up, that sort of thing, just so the kids can trash it again tomorrow and Sunday only to clean it again on Monday.
All before about 2pm because my eldest finishes early today.

Do you think I have high expectations or I am just completely not in touch with how long things take to complete.  Oh well whoever said Women-Mums can do it all and do it well, were completely off their rockers.

Hope you have a happy Friday and hopefully I will get to number 5 at least today and you might hear from me again. 

Anna xx

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