Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I love a good "quote" !!

Working at home today in my studio.  I have had a run of sick kids home off and on from School, and so much happening here and there with school appointments and events so its nice to have a quiet day with no rushing around to spend time on a few ideas buzzing, no actually whirling around in my head.  Maybe actually more than just a few, 100s.

Anyway I came across this amazing quote that is actually on a stamp which I would love to stock in the store, but that would mean having another supplier on board.  Anyway we will see.  The stamp comes from Leavenworth Jackson and I actually just saw it on Donna Downey's blog.

Oh this quote is written for me I just love it.  It has inspired me today.  We all have good and bad days in life where we feel what we are doing is worthwhile and then there are other days where we have a seed of doubt.  Is it worth it, is it the right thing???  It doesn't take much for people around us who may be negative to jump on that bandwagon and amplify that doubt and try to convince us that yes what you are doing is really not worth it.  But seeing a quote like this made me realise that there will always be people like that around and I am not the only one who has one of those people in my life.  Often you can just remove yourself from the company of those sorts of people, except that I just happened to be married to someone like that.  I often call my husband my biggest critic sent to test everything I stand for.  I can certainly see why I have attracted him into my life.  They say opposites attract, and now I know why, it would just be too smooth sailing if you agreed on everything and there was nowhere for any growth or development as a person.

So I will forge ahead and keep doing what I think is the right thing for me, which often may not be the right thing for others.  I love these little reminder quotes that jump into my life just when I needed it.

I hope this quote inspires you today as well.

Anna xx

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