Saturday, August 6, 2011

Creating with Pink Bakers Twine and Some Heartfelt Advice

I attended the Life In Style Trade Show and apart from finding new products to stock it is a great way to be inspired.  It's great to purchase things ready made but as my sister joined me since she has now officially returned from working in China we found ourselves saying we could make this and we could make that.   Realistically however there is never enough hours in the day and quite frankly it is a rare occurance around here that I create for the pleasure of creating.  Often when I do create in the back of my mind I have the thought of how my customers might use or benefit from said creation.

So after a long and busy week I thought I would sit down and a have a play with the twine I have available.  You see the other epithany I had running through my head yesterday was I have all these supplies and I just need to sit down without being attached to the expectation of any end result and just play.  Get the mind and the ego out of the way and not judge myself whilst I create but just creating for the pure fun of it.  So you will find below a little sample inspired by some things I saw yesterday and quite frankly I am not sure what you would use this for as it's too big for a card maybe it could be framed in a crisp white 3d style frame.  In any case it doesn't really matter how you use it becuase I am just sharing a new way to use some twine and butterfly punchies doilies and large heart punchies.  Might even be great to decorate a wedding album.

I might could even make this into a mini kit for customers to buy who don't have these supplies.  Of course if you already have these supplies you could sit down and make something similar or alternatively copy it.  Sometimes the act of just creating can be the same as sitting down and trying to meditate and clear your mind, only this is more fun. Just create and don't be attached to any outcome.  Most of all don't be critical of yourself that you should be doing this or should be doing that.  Just be kind to yourself and enjoy being present whilst you create and go with it.

By the way in case you hadn't noticed I was in the mood for a heartfelt post today.  I also have the quote in my head that Sunny Mummy mentioned on facebook a couple of months back "Success in business does not make up for failure at home."  I am always so mindful of this as my business gains momentum and yet behind the scenes I sometimes stuggle with the emotional drama of a growing teenager and how to handle these challenging years ahead of me.

So that said time to switch off, log off, and enjoy doing the things I love for myself and sharing those things with my kids. Quality time not quantity is more important.  Time to kick guilt to the curb and stop using it as a procrastinating tool and just show up in life rather than finding every excuse there is out there as to why I can't.  They are after all just excuses.....

To finish on a lighter and brighter note, the cute pink/white twine is available here.  The punch is available here but is out of stock at the moment, more in stock next week.  I will be adding these large oversized hearts to the store shortly as well as the doilies probably Monday.  The hearts measure 3.5" and the doilies are a little larger.

Have an inspired weekend and make sure you log off and log into life as Sunny Mummy would say.  Words of Wisdom there applicable to this day and age.  Our Mothers never had these issues maybe that's why they were so much calmer.  We have gained so much and yet lost in other ways.  Time to make the balance work back in our favour.

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