Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Wrapping made beautiful!!!

Whoohoo, we are on the homeward stretch people.

It has finally begun to slow down around here and it's now time to get some seriously amazing gift wrapping done.  How is your gift wrapping going?? This is the fun part everyone, you done all the shopping now it's time to crank the music up loud and have some fun wrapping and making it all look pretty.  Here is some inspiration from none other than pinterest of course.  For more christmas wrapping ideas you can see them here

How inspiring is all this beautiful wrapping.  As you can see the plain brown paper is popular to wrap with as you can then introduce any colour or theme to match.  I especially love how in this last photo they have used chinese newspaper as a contrast to wrap with as well. 

Another easy ideas are doilies they make any package look great.  Of course twine is a popular favourite and any sort of red ribbon in any pattern.

So what are you waiting for, there is no reason for your gifts to look less than amazing this year.  If you are still short on supplies for your wrapping needs there is still time to send your package via express mail, tomorrow is the last day though and of course if you are Melbourne based you are welcome to pick up your purchases up until Saturday.

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