Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Here comes Twenty Twelve....

Hey Everyone,

Here we are on the flipside of Christmas.  Also my favourite part of the year.  Christmas has come and gone and the New Year awaits.  If you have followed my blog for a while you would know I have a standard routine for this time of year.

A BIG clean out and declutter.
Some major organisation here and there
A new One Little Word for the New Year
A Fresh New Paper Diary and Calendar

Of course some time to reflect and journal on the year coming to an end and delve into what has worked for me and what hasn't and what changes need to be made. A time to ponder on the kind of year I want to create and where my focus needs to be the most.  A time to look at all my accomplishments and be proud of what I have achieved before moving on the next chapter.  A time to be greatful for all the amazing things that have happened and the support I have around me.  A time to surrender control and know that the universe has my back and I just have to trust that whatever unfolds for me, will be for my highest good.

There is so much information on line about decluttering, organising, planning and inner work regarding the new year.  You tube and blogs are the most amazing source of information.  Some sites I frequent, I have mentioned in the past on other posts, some are linked in my sidebar on the blog.  I  encourage you all to take some quiet time and do some inner reflection and journaling in whatever way works best for you.  It will be well worth the time you put in.

I don't really label this process making New Year Resoultions, I just aim each and every day to try and be the best version of me.  To keep it real and to reach out to others and connect in an authentic way.  We are all connected energetically and what you put out to others will be reflected back to you.  The thoughts you think the actions you take and words you speak must all be in alignment.  Then miracles begin to happen effortlessly.  I have learned this in the past year.  Opporuntities have fallen in my lap without me even knowing how they could possibly have come about.  When you finally get out of your own way you see what it means to allow things to flow.  Of course each and every day I needed to show up and do the work and there has been plenty of that in the past year, but I have stopped trying to figure it all out and worry about how this or that might happen.

I hope I have inspired even the tiniest spark in you to make the time to do some inner work.

I am off to continue my mission to clear out and organise as much as I can in the next few days.  I have huge plans for the coming year and I need to make sure energetically and physically my space and mind will be fully prepared for it.

I will be back with an update before the year is out!!

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