Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Big Dreams

I am just back from a little 3 day getaway at the beach this week.  I really needed to have the mental break from work and home.  Just to be in different place for a few days can be so clearing for my mind.  I need to remind myself to step away from all the busyness and disconnect.  It is easier to do this when you are away from your work and home not as easy when you work from home.

I have come to the conclusion this year that I really want to give Koko Vanilla Headquarters a new home.  I am thinking a studio located somewhere other than at my house, with space enough to hold a retail area for customers to purchase goods from, a large space to hold classes as well as an area for stock and online sales.  My dreams are big and I have had these thoughts in the back of my mind for years now.  But sometimes the fear of taking the next step is paralysing.  However in order to grow my business a change needs to be made.  I also am craving interacting with customers and I also miss teaching classes which I did very early on for a little while.

So I am putting it out there and beginning to take the necessary steps to source a studio space.  This is the first and most important step.  It has to be exactly what I picture in my mind or at least very close.  When the location is right then I can begin to plan the rest.  It's an exciting step but I know if I can get my mindset right and implement the people and resources I need to help me with the process, I will make it work.  This will essentially mean I will have some store hours for retail as well as classes and workshops being held. Of course the online sales will always remain.

I also wanted to share today with you a little excerpt from this Mermaid Under the Sea party on the Amy Atlas Blog.  How cute do these chevron bags look?? These are available in our online store.  They are small, but perfect for popping a few lollies into.  Next month these should be available in a middy size which will be bigger.  Can't wait to stock those also.  To see the rest of how this party was styled, take a look here

photos courtesy of Amy Atlas Events Blog

photos courtesy of Amy Atlas Events Blog

Bags used in these photos are the Chevron Bitty Bags in Blue and Pink
available here

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