Thursday, January 5, 2012

Valentine Inspired Collage Tag - Creative Warm Up

I was inspired by this 30 day Creative Jump Start Summit.  Each day a different blogger puts up a video about how to harness your creativity.  You can still join the summit, its free.

The first post was by Dina's  Blog.  She talks about doing a creative warm up rather than going in to be creative cold.  Just like you warm up before playing a sports game or training for an event its the same with being creative.  She suggests just playing with your supplies and mediums whether its paints, inks, papers, stamps, embellishments whatever you have in your stash.

The key is not to over think the process, just play with your supplies, doesn't matter whether you make a mistake and throw it out or whether you end up using it.  Just begin to create with your supplies and see where it leads and how it begans to inspire you to create more.  Here is my little creative play which took all of 10 mins last night.  No thinking just playing.  No focusing on fear of failure because you are just warming up not doing your actual project.

I just added inks, glitter puff paint, stamped image, a vintage page from a kids book, punched out shapes and ribbon and twine and the cabachon etc.  Dina suggests using tags, she buys them by the box load.  I used this pink tag which is available on site.  I just decorated without worrying about how it looks.  So here is the finished project.  Not bad for a first go.  Like I said I don't absolutely love it but it doesn't matter because what is has done is make me feel like I want to do more.  In fact I am so wanting to get out and using my supplies that I think I will grab the kids and get them to join in the fun just so I can have a good chunk of creative time.  There you have it the process actually works.

I highly recommend joining the summit and getting the passcode to watch this video I loved it and you will be inspired to creative.

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