Monday, January 30, 2012

My first ever video blog - with a Valentines Day Tag Tutorial

How exciting, I have finally done it, I can't believe it. I am really nervous about doing it, but what the heck why not? The first time for most new things is always the hardest right???

Anyway here goes - enjoy!!

These are the tags featured in the above video.  All supplies to make these tags available in store.


Melissa said...

Hey Anna,
Fantastic - well done! Can't wait to see your next one! Inspired me!

Anna said...

Thanks Melissa, glad you enjoyed it. xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna, I am a fan of your card kits and bought a couple last year. I am looking forward to making more cards this year. Would love it if you had classes re how to design a wonderful looking card with all your pretty supplies. Charmaine

Anonymous said...

Anna Well done with the Video.I Love it!Straight from the heart, full of energy & frivolity.Can you make it a bit slower with the speeding up of the filming.I was trying to read & follow your instructions.Looking forward to seeing more and all I can say is wow you sure have talent.I have never done anything like this before & I am wanting to try.Love your work!!!Priscilla

Anna said...

Thanks for the great feedback girls. Will definitely be improving on this video and taking all the suggestions on board. It has been a great learning curve this far, can't wait to plan my next one. Anna


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