Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Wow, what a day!, actually what a few big days of drinking and eating and socialising. Lots of food and chocolate, oh man!! I love chocolate. Chocolate is my biggest weakness, not just at easter but all year round. It's my biggest food addiction I have to admit. But it has to be really good quality chocolate, otherwise I won't touch it. I hope your easter was yummy and fun filled. We had a beautiful lunch and my Mum, she is the best cook. I think I will need to do double time at the gym when the kids head back to school.

Anyway here are a few snippets of our easter day. I am posting a few photos for my sister because she didn't make it home for easter this year.

Finally just a reminder that free shipping ends tonight. Shipping will then be a flat rate of $7 from tomorrow onwards. Also just before I forget, just giving my sister-in-law Meri a plug with her blog, after a long break she is back blogging again. She always has some insightful things to share so take a look here.
Happy Choccie hangover!!

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