Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's My Birthday!! and that usually means a special customer giveaway!

I received this gorgeous print from Meri for my birthday. I just love it and need to find the perfect place to hang it up. It's called Floral Love by Anahata Joy Katkin. Her artwork is amazing. You can take a look at her website Thanks Meri I love it.

Also woke up to these signs on our big double doors that lead to our meals area, the kids were busy creating signs and making pancakes for breakfast whilst I had a little sleep in.

So I just thought I would pop in to say it was my birthday, because usually on my birthday part of my celebration is offering my customers something special. So you will have to wait a little longer though because its a Sunday and I plan on spending time with family I will send a newsletter out tomorrow with my special giveaway for everyone on my email list. You must be a subscriber so head on over to the home page and pop your email address in at the top and you will also recieve the email with my special birthday giveaway.

Hope you have a nice Sunday

Anna xx

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