Friday, April 23, 2010

October Afternoon, Farmhouse, Fly a Kite, Thrift Shop

It never ceases to amaze me how with each passing season this scrapbooking industry just releases more and more gorgeous products and supplies. Really there is no excuse for not making stunning invitations for your childrens parties or handmade cards for your friends or scrapping eye catching layouts. With the selection of product available and inspiration found around the web, the only missing factors may be time and whether you have the patience and skill to pull it off.

The amount of time I hear people tell me they are not creative. Yet they dress beautifully and impeccably which is a sign of creativity or their houses have beautif decor all wonderfully put together according to their taste. That's being creative. However I think the scary part for a beginner is not knowing where or how to start. Sometimes its great to just attend a class first so you can be instructed on the basics and then once you have had a taste of it you will know either way whether you are instantly hooked or not. Oh and a little tip rid yourself of any perfictionism, because, being an artist there is no right or wrong way. I often struggle with my projects having to be perfect and balanced. I am still working on being a little less formal with my stuff, it takes time.

Anyway I have gotten completely off track of why I wanted to post today. Back to my very first sentence about new supplies. I have just been loading some new products from October Afternoon, Jenni Bowlin, Basic Grey. I am so in love with every range OA comes up with. If only some of their lines would come in house decor it would be just perfect.

So here is some of what I have been drooling over this afternoon whilst loading on site and simultaneously thinking what I can create with this lot, female mulitasking at its best. LOL!
anna xx

October Afternoon Papers found here
Below is the front and back design of each paper
More designs on site!

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