Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Work at home mums!

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I really would love to write a wonderful post and show you some of the beautiful creative things I have been working on but truth be told I am in the thick of school holidays and most of my days are consumed with entertaining kids and then for the last two hours of the day madly packing orders to get them out. Is this crazy or what?

I have been thinking that most working mums offload their kids to holiday programs or family or friends etc etc, so why is it that WAHM's try and do it all. Its a no win especially if you have perfectionstic tendoncies like me where I love taking the kids out and making sure they have a fun day and enjoy their holidays and then I am rushing to get my business side of things done and finished before 5pm only to then rush and get dinner organised and wash up and clean up only to collapse in a heap around 9pm. Absolute madness!! No wonder I dread the holidays.

So I am promising myself that next holidays I am going to make sure my kids are booked into holidays programs or spending at least a day here or there with grandparents. I guess its all about taking your business seriously and treating it as though you are at work even though you are working from home. Self Care above all is even more important as trying to paddle upstream is completely useless, so why even attempt it. I am sure I wrote a similar post like this last holidays, I guess eventually I will get the message and make the change.

Anna xx

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Seeking WAHM’s said...

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