Friday, April 30, 2010

Where did the week go ????

Ooops last time I posted was Monday. To make it worse at the bottom of the last post I added back with more tomorrow. My intentions are there, but I get sidetracked. Working from home will do that to you. No strict deadlines except for the ones you create for yourself. My hubbie is always having a go at me about this that I need to manage my time more effectively and well if I listened to my logical brain I would probably agree, for my own benefit of course. But sometimes you just have to make time for whatever comes up and be spontaneous as well. I figure I can always just stay up that little bit later and catch up like I am doing right now.
So this week has seen the arrival of Dear Lizzy products. Unfortunately some of the products I ordered were out of stock, so I didn't get everything I had intended to, however you will find the papers all here. Also some chipboard products here and some thickers here. These are all under the banner of American Crafts.
Don't you just love this paper above from the Dear Lizzy range called Spring Sunny Spot, this 12 x 12 paper could almost be framed as is and hung up in the laundry. How cute and bright would it be in a square 12" white frame. Laundries are generally a bit ordinary so this would certainly make it a little cheerier and nicer to look at whilst doing the ironing perhaps. LOL! It might actually make it more enjoyable.
Anyway I still have a list of things to finish tonight like wrapping some pressies and making a couple of cards for some birthdays on the weekend.
Anna xx

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