Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

To all the beautiful mums out there and if you are not a mum but have a mum then make sure you make the effort to make your mum feel really special today.

It doesn't have to cost the earth either. Sometimes it is in the simple gestures, the kind words of appreciation a kiss on the cheek, a real hug and I mean not just a quick waffly passing hug a big bear hug that really says I love you mum. There is such a difference.

Just thought I would share this great blog and website I have found in the last week or so, I am just loving going back and reading through Stacey's archives and reading every bit of valuable info. You may have already heard of this blog, Sunny Mummy is the name of the blog.

I love the way Stace writes she is positive and happy. It has also made me realise that some of the readers out there might wonder why most of my posts are about inspiring people when I run a scrapbooking and cardmaking website of which I post little. Well the truth is I love my spiritual journey just as much as I love being creative. This is my way of combining them both. I have always had a flair for helping people with their issues and I did a lot of this in my days as a Massage Therapist, which was my career before kids and after kids up until a few years back when I kind of felt that it was time for a change. I do sometimes think it would be the easy option to pick back up as a career, I know I was very good at it and still have clients ringing to know if I am still doing massaging but to be honest it doesn't have the buzz factor as it did years ago and so that tells me that it's time to let it go. I was even asked by a friend the other day if I would fill in for corporate massage for a company just for a couple of weeks whilst their lady is on holidays and I did stop and think about it but the gut feeling was maybe not.

Anyway I have digressed a little I guess the point here is that sometimes as mums our lives are not defined. Men I think on the whole and I am being general here, (so no hate mail please) choose a career and stick to it my husband being one of them, women however I believe go through such growth and change especially after motherhood that the realisation that life is just too short to waste on doing something that doesn't really make you happy.

So whilst I am still finding my path at the moment my happy medium is maybe helping others in an indirect way through my blog by linking to great sites I find and also every now and again sharing my opinion. I absolutely love creating with my hands and can never imagine not doing that, but how it will all link together in the future I am not really sure and I am happy to just sit back and do what I can do for the moment. As the saying goes we don't need to see the whole staircase to take the first step. Really understand that because sometimes it feels like we have no control and that is sometimes the plan because we are not meant to know the whole story just yet we are not ready for it.

It is all about the journey and not just about getting it done, because the minute you achieve a goal there will always be another to take its place. Actually a favourite affirmation I have been saying lately which I have heard from Esther Hicks and I think it helps to keep me grounded about what is really important in life is " No matter where I am going today, what I am doing today or who I am doing it with, it is my dominant intent to be happy." That's really what it's all about, finding happiness in every moment for yourself. Not just when you buy that new dress or when your husband finally shows you some attention or when someone thanks or praises you. Find the happiness within first, declare that every experience is an opporunity to smile at those around you and spark up their day and in turn do that for yourself. You don't need an external reason or thing to make you happy. It is so important to teach these young kids this stuff. Why aren't we teaching positive thinking and affirmation from primary level right through to Yr 12. I think so much time is wasted on teaching kids really irrelevent things and yet teaching them about how what they speak, think and act is what determines their future. Imagine a whole generation of kids armed with this knowledge, and taught from the outset about positive thinking and affirmations and believing in yourself how powerful would that be.

Well I have gone on longer than I had planned too for a Mothers Day Morning. I suppose that's what happens when you wake up really early in the morning.

I am off to spend the day with family.

Anna xx

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