Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Morning Musings

Well a slightly different Monday Morning for me as I have my youngest home sick. It hasn't been my usual adrenaline filled Monday Morning with school drop off, assembly and then a mad rush to make my Fitness challenge class at 9.30am, then home, clean up and then do website work, dinner prep, and then before you know its pick up how quick it goes.

So having a slower pace has been enlightening actually, I wonder sometimes why I push myself so much, only to turn around and be disapointed with myself when I don't achieve all that I had planned in that day. Exercise however for me is not compromisable if that is such a word. I am at the point where I need the energy and the high I get from fitness. couldn't imagine life without it, it's no longer a chore, but it does take a chunk out of my days, so from that perspective it is always a balancing act. When I say a chunk out my days I am talking the 6 hour window whilst the kids are at school. Once they are home my time is over until they have gone to bed.

Anyway funnily whilst I am busy working and packing several orders which were placed over the weekend and of which I have told my son mummy has to do work first this morning on the proviso that he will get a couple of new packs of footy cards (more on that another time, don't get me started on how much we spend on those things over the course of each footy season) when we go to the post office to send all the orders. So to amuse himself whilst he is too sick to go to school he is happily aiming at my head with his plastic sniper for entertainment with his foam bullets, which seemed to be aimed quite well. So I just have to laugh at him because its not every day I get to see his sweet face at home with me one on one. It nice even though it has interrupted my usual Monday that I am just being present and taking the day as it comes even with the endless stream of questions and mum can you help me with this or that. It reminds me of the pre-school days, how quickly one forgets.
Well my little break is over, back to it so you all get your orders super quick.
Happy Monday

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