Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Moments that put life in perspective!

If you want to read and see a story of a womans courage, determination and faith even when life's grand plan seems to have changed her path. Take a look

I first heard of Stephanie's story via other blogs in 2008 when it first happened and it has been amazing to read her story of her miraculous and long recovery. Now she has made a short film about it. I am in this moment totally in awe of her courage, her inner strength and her gratitude for her experience despite the hardship of it.

It's these moments that when you think you are having a bad day over petty little things that mean nothing, there is always someone with a more challenging life story, with real stuff, real issues. Gratitude is something we can adopt in every moment, for every experience we have whether we percieve it to be a blessing or not.

I encourage you to go over and have a look at this video, just to see how powerful the human spirit can be. It is not in the challenges we face that we grow but how we choose to deal with those challenges.

Love and Light
Anna xx

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